There are two ways to find out more about the English curriculum. 

  1. The Uckfield College English department website is a rich resource with detailed support for students:​  Link to English website

  2. The information below is a simpler summary of what is taught when, how it is assessed and examples of stretch and challenge work. 

The English curriculum at Uckfield College is designed to give students a rich experience of literature through time, generating and maintaining an appreciation of storytelling, the power of language and the role that both play in the world around them.

Students will explore the literary tradition of storytelling as well as its symbolic and cultural functions, what it reveals about society and how it has evolved over time. Our curriculum begins with an exploration of myth and legend (English, Celtic, Greek and Anglo-Saxon), through to contemporary texts which explore modern issues such as the Syrian refugee crisis, media representation and bias, as well as dystopian texts which reflect the changing fears of our society. Through the study of universal themes (such as power, conflict, freedom), students will learn to think of texts as constructs, to understand how language is used to manipulate and shape ideas, and be able to read for deeper meanings and therefore interpret the world with greater insight.


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