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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure

Research has revealed that “reading for pleasure” is the single biggest indicator of future success for a child (OECD, 2002). 

It is our goal to foster a real love of reading among our students. This includes reading widely, developing a rich vocabulary and seeing reading as an enjoyable and life-enriching activity. 


Using the Reading Room at Uckfield College

We have a wonderful Reading Room (library) here at Uckfield College.  It is a fantastic resource available to all and is open to students at break and lunch.  Our Reading Room Manager, Mrs Izzard, can help you to find and borrow a book that suits your interests.  Students can borrow up to three books at a time.


Reading for pleasure

Reading is an enjoyable activity which brings many benefits, including stress-busting and improvements to your mental health.

Below you can find up-to-date lists of recommended books to read in your spare time, organised by year group.  We have many of these books available to borrow in our Reading Room, just ask!

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11 to Year 13


Book club 

Book club takes place every Monday from 3-4pm in the Reading Room. This is open to all year groups. We shadow and participate in book awards such as the Carnegie and Southern School Book awards. This is a great way to broaden your reading tastes and explore new authors and genres! All are welcome! 


Reading Ambassadors

Across Years 7-11, we have a dedicated team of ten student Reading Ambassadors who act as the voice of all things reading-related for their year group. They help to organise and promote reading events, good books and reading news to their year group via video announcement twice a term.


World Book Day 

Every March, World Book Day is celebrated across the country. At Uckfield, we strive to make this a big event, with something to engage and inspire all of our students. In 2022, there will be author talks, workshops and a range of reading challenges and competitions. 

  • World Book Day

Link to WBD site 


Reading Competitions and Challenges 

We regularly run reading competitions and challenges, from “Extreme Reading” to “Reading Bingo”. These encourage our students to get involved with reading in fun, inventive and creative ways. Keep an eye out for new competitions. These will be shared in parent bulletins and in Reading Ambassador video announcements. 


Using your local library

You can join the local library free of charge and get instant access to a huge library of eBooks, aAudiobook, magazines and newspapers.  The closest library is on Uckfield High Street.