Uckfield College Culture

Despite being a large school, we have a strong and vibrant community spirit and all of our students are known and cared for deeply. Our Uckfield Quality values of integrity, kindness, curiosity, resilience,aspiration and self-regulation underpin our culture, and visitors and new staff frequently comment on the highly supportive, happy, hardworking and friendly atmosphere that exists.

This culture is built on our fundamental belief that everyone has the potential to succeed and that it is the blend of support, challenge and inspiration that leads to growth and ultimate happiness. We believe in a culture of the possible, where we can all make progress beyond what anyone, including ourselves, could have imagined!

We talk often about the idea of ‘belonging’, which means that we are an ‘anti-prejudice’ organisation and educate our staff and students about prejudicial attitudes, language and actions against any people with the protected characteristics as outlined in law. This in turn creates a safe and comfortable school, in which everyone is welcome and if there is an issue, we are rigorous about addressing it. We have a few simple but powerful expectations to create a community where everyone belongs:


Respect for All

1. I respect myself
We all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves

2. I speak and behave respectfully to staff and students
We are ‘extra polite’ to one another

3. I respect the College environment
Our exceptional College belongs to us all

4. I respect the wider community outside College and online
We do the right thing, even when no-one is looking


In lessons, the engagement in learning culture is expressed through ‘Every Second Counts’:




We know that you will learn best too if you are prepared for learning by having your correct equipment with you and by attending your lessons punctually.

Outside lessons, we have a strong culture of participation in a huge range of trips and activities and super-curricular activities. As you will see from our social media feeds, we love to celebrate our wonderful students’ and staff achievements!