Sixth Form Results

Uckfield College Sixth Form A level results 2023

Students, staff and parents celebrated yet another set of outstanding A level results at Uckfield Sixth Form College. Nationally, the results have returned to 2019 levels, yet our 2023 results were even better than 2019. Over the last seven years, the A level results at Uckfield College have improved significantly. The Average Points Score (APS) is a measure of how every student has achieved across all their subjects. APS 2017=32.5, APS 2018=34.9, APS 2019=36.2 and the APS 2023=38.1. We cannot compare results for 2020, 2021 or 2022 as the grades were distributed differently. However, the trend in APS over the years shows how much the Sixth Form has improved and is a truly exceptional college in which every student can thrive, flourish and achieve their dreams.


Uckfield College A level results 2023:

A* 10%
A* to A 28%
A* to B 63%
A* to C 85%


Double BTEC results 2023:

Distinction* to Distinction 63%
Double Distinction 88%


Hugh Hennebry, Principal, said, Our students have studied exceptionally hard and learned so much. I am so proud of each and every one of our Sixth Formers. It has been a real privilege to see them develop not just their intellect but also their maturity and individual strength of character.
The sustained improvement in results over many years is outstanding and a reflection of the great teamwork of teachers, support staff, parents and students all working together so positively to inspire and support each student. Every individual student at Uckfield College is very well known by their teachers and the pastoral team. I must thank our amazing staff and fantastic parents for all their inspiration and care for our great students.


Sara Marshallsay, Head of School and the new Principal from 1st September, commented, Many congratulations to all of our students for their achievements in their BTEC and A-level results today! It is great to see the huge range of university courses and apprenticeships that the students are going on to after Uckfield, and we wish them all the very best for their futures. We are really proud of everything that they have achieved.


Gemma Fassam, Head of Sixth Form, added, We are very proud of our students for all their hard work in achieving these results. So many of them are going on to both university and a huge range of apprenticeships as well as employment. We wish them the best of luck and happiness with everything they go on to do in the future.


We are so very proud of every Uckfield student and their achievements. Below is a list of some particularly impressive A level and BTEC results:


Particularly competitive places won

Oxbridge:             Louis Wood A*A*A*A (Cambridge - Engineering)

                            Oliver Christian A*A*AB  (Oxford - Maths)

                            Sienna Collins  A*A*A  (Cambridge - Natural Sciences)

Medicine:           Hannah Chevassut AAA (Cellular and Molecular Medicine)


Exceptional results

  • James Davey (A* A* A*)
  • Esme Dawson (A* A* A*)
  • Jack Jarvis (A* A* A* A)
  • Louis Wood (A* A* A* A)
  • Sienna Collins (A* A* A)
  • Oliver Christian (A* A* A B)
  • Roman Day (A* A* B)
  • Sonney Holford (A* A* B)
  • Elmira Horthy (A* A A)
  • Ida Larkin (A* A* B)
  • David Gyulai (A* A B)
  • Hannah Chevassut (A A A)
  • Annabel Whyte (A* A B)
  • Alice Derbyshire (A* A B)
  • Holly Mankelow (A A A B)
  • Octavia Marshall (A A A)
  • Nona Allenby (A A B)
  • Poppy Beard (A A B)
  • Seb Perkins (A A B)
  • Elizabeth Coldbreath (A A B)
  • Oscar Painter (A A B)
  • Lorna Downing (A B B)
  • Katie Pain (A B B)
  • Rosie Sullivan (A A C)
  • Harriet Gorard (A A C)
  • Raul Hurnall (A B B)
  • Robyn Loxton-Read (A B B)
  • George Young (A B B)
  • Louisa Bishop (A B B)
  • Mimi Westwood-Flood (A B B)
  • Melissa Beaven (A)
  • Jessica Cherry (A C Distinction*)


BTEC Students with Distinction*s:

  • Joshua Chesson (Distinction*Distinction*Distinction)
  • Varsa Jeyarajah (Distinction* Distinction and B at A-Level)
  • Imogen Kemp (Distinction* Distinction Distinction)
  • Samuel Phillips (Distinction* Distinction and C at A-Level)
  • Zac Bignell (Distinction* Distinction and C at A-Level)
  • Lola Clarke (Distinction* Distinction and C at A-Level)
  • Daniel Crawford (Distinction* Distinction and C at A-Level)
  • Isobel Griffiths (Distinction* Distinction and C at A-Level)
  • Kayleigh Turner (Distinction* Distinction and C at A-Level)
  • George Coleman (Distinction* Distinction and D at A-Level)
  • Millie Dadswell (Distinction* Distinction and D at A-Level)
  • Lewis Heffer (Distinction* Distinction and D at A-Level)
  • Thomas Lyons (Distinction* Distinction and D at A-Level)
  • Freddie Newick (Distinction* Distinction and D at A-Level)
  • Harry Rummery (Distinction* Distinction and D at A-Level)
  • Ryan Schlieder (Distinction* Distinction and D at A-Level)


Congratulations and well done to all our students.

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