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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

College Leadership Opportunities


In order to fulfil your purpose in life and improve the world in your own unique way, you will want to take up positions of responsibility and leadership throughout your life. There are lots of opportunities to take on leadership responsibilities at Uckfield College.


There are a wide range of opportunities students have to take on leadership roles at the college including leadership in the following areas: academic, character, enrichment and college council. Additionally our sixth form students have a further opportunity to apply for a range of prestigious and high profile leadership roles and responsibilities.


The College Council: The Voice of the Students

Our Student Council Members are the voice of our students. Their important role is to discuss pertinent issues, including topics such as how learning is supported (learning organisers, MyACE, revision etc.). They provide vital feedback from the wider student body to help us make informed decisions so that Uckfield can continue to be an exceptional school.


The College Council Executive Chair (Principal)
The College Head Students
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College Committees: The Change Makers

Our change makers and prefects form committees of students from Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13. Each committee works on an area or cause important to us at Uckfield College. These are:


  • Keep Learning
  • Give Back
  • Stand Tall
  • Take Notice
  • Be Connected
  • Be Active
  • Support Each Other
  • Belong Together
  • Kindness is King
  • Find Your Purpose


Sixth Form Leaders

At the helm of our College Leadership Team are our Head Students who are supported by a team of Deputy Heads and Assistant Heads. Each Assistant Head leads a committee that supports our students to thrive, drives positive change and runs college events.

These leadership positions are highly prestigious roles and securing them is a competitive process. The students first write a letter of application, which is followed by participation in a range of interview activities. If they are selected from this group they have an individual interview before the final decision is made. We believe these students are inspiring role models for all students in the College.


Meet our Sixth Form Leaders


Head students 2023 24
Head Students

“Becoming Head Student, and working with a fantastic group of student leaders, allows myself and others to have a say in what goes on inside the school. It gives us a chance to work on changes people need, but also work on our own communication, organisation and professional skills. Personally as Head Student, I believe this position will help people feel comfortable voicing their concerns or voicing the pride they feel for their college!”

Amelia Stonebanks

“For me, student leadership is a key part of making the school what it is - providing a link between the students and teachers, to make sure everyone feels comfortable and enjoys the school environment. Being Head Student allows me to be involved in many of the school's activities I took part in, which I now realise were made possible by not only my teachers, but the previous student leadership teams before me: I'm essentially giving back a part of what was given to me! As well as this, it's also a great opportunity to improve leadership, teamwork, and public speaking skills, which will all be vital skills to have in almost any workplace.”

Lydia Munn

Meghan ullmann
Megan Ullmann

Deputy Head Student

Sam barrett
Sam Barrett

Deputy Head Student

Joseph williams
Joseph Williams
Assistant Head
Keep Learning

Madeline foot
Madaline Foot
Assistant Head
Give Back

Amalie blackmur
Amalie Blackmur
Assistant Head
Take Notice

Elijah osborne
Elijah Osborne
Assistant Head
Stand Tall

Corey avis
Corey Avis
Assistant Head
Be Connected

Ella brown
Ella Brown
Assistant Head
Support Each Other

Sara larkin
Sara Larkin
Assistant Head
Belong Together

Seamus harris
Seamus Harris
Assistant Head
Be Active

Anna sherriff
Anna Sherriff
Assistant Head
Kindness is King


Change Makers and Prefects

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students who would like to become a change maker take part in an oracy task within their mentor group as a way of applying for the role. Each form mentor then selects the two successful students. In Years 10 and 11, students apply to become prefects. This is an important leadership role within the schools that requires students to be role models; to maintain standards and expectations through duties; be involved in year group projects and to be change makers within one of our College Committees.


Our Change Makers:

  • Help to make positive changes discussed at the College Council Meetings (the voice of the students)
  • Represent the College at key events such as open evenings
  • Plan and lead enrichment activities
  • Provide academic support for students
  • Provide mentoring for students
  • Raise awareness about important issues affecting young people
  • Plan and deliver learning materials on important topics used with mentor groups
  • Plan and deliver assemblies
  • Organise fundraising events, including non-uniform days
  • Create videos, posters and literature on key issues