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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

In order to fulfil your purpose in life and improve the world in your own unique way, you will want to take up positions of responsibility and leadership throughout your life. There are lots of opportunities to take on leadership responsibilities at Uckfield College.

Right from the start in Year 7, students can get involved:
  1. Form Representatives. These meet regularly with your Director of Year.
  2. Year Representatives on College Council. These meet weekly with Mr Hennebry and student leaders from all year groups. The role of College Council is to discuss important issues e.g. how is learning supported (learning organisers, MyACE, revision etc.), mental health support, catering, improving facilities, consultation on possible uniform changes, which charities will we support and how e.g. non-uniform days etc. There are notes (minutes with actions) made for each College Council meeting. College Council members are expected to discuss these issues with Form Representatives and consult students widely on the issues being discussed.
  3. Senior Student Leadership team led by our Head Students.
  4. Students from all year groups can be leaders and work in a team with other year groups on any of the following themes:
    1. Academic support, including reading support
    2. Careers
    3. Charity
    4. Environment
    5. Diversity and Equality
    6. Media
    7. Peer Mentoring
    8. Extra-curricular / social
    9. Sport
    10. Well-being
    11. Wider engagement


Lily Damazer
Academic Prefect

Head students 2023 24Amelia Stonebanks and Lydia Munn

Head Students

Meghan ullmann

Meghan Ullmann
Deputy Head Student

Sam barrett

Sam Barrett
Deputy Head Student

Joseph williams

Joseph Williams
Academic Assistant Head

Jack wood

Jack Wood
Academic Prefect

Lily damazer

Lily Damazer
Academic Prefect

Alexandra hamilton

Alexandra Hamilton
Academic Prefect

Madeline foot

Madeline Foot
Charity Assistant Head

Harvey mills

Harvey Mills
Charity Prefect

George clark

George Clark
Charity Prefect

Amalie blackmur

Amalie Blackmur
Environment Assistant Head

Alex tidy

Alex Tidy
Environment Prefect

Max hawkins

Max Hawkins
Environment Prefect

Elijah osborne

Elijah Osborne
Equality and Diversity Assistant Head

Marcie morrell

Marcie Morrell
Equality and Diversity Prefect

April wilcox

April Wilcox
Equality and Diversity Prefect

Lucy walton

Lucy Walton
Equality and Diversity Prefect

Joseph welsh

Joseph Welsh
Equality and Diversity Prefect

Corey avis

Corey Avis
Media Assistant Head


Jake oliver

Jake Oliver
Media Prefect

Ella brown

Ella Brown
Peer Mentoring Assistant Head

Demi west

Demi West
Peer Mentoring Prefect





Anna Went
Peer Mentoring Prefect

Libby snelgrove

Libby Snelgrove
Peer Mentoring Prefect

Sara larkin

Sara Larkin
Social Assistant Head

Becky waters

Becky Waters
Social Prefect

Ellie abbott

Ellie Abbott
Social Prefect

Seamus harris

Seamus Harris
Sport Assistant Head

Lottie ikeson

Lottie Ikeson
Sport Prefect

Shannon stevens

Shannon Stevens
Sport Prefect

Anna sherriff

Anna Sherriff
Wellbeing Assistant Head

Elise madden

Elise Madden
Wellbeing Prefect

Katie cooper

Katie Cooper
Wellbeing Prefect

Emma brookes

Emma Brookes
Wellbeing Prefect