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We are an inspiring College where every individual is supported and challenged to achieve personal excellence. The way our students achieve happiness and success is by becoming Uckfield ACEs and developing their Uckfield Qualities.

We inspire students to be curious, ask questions and think hard. In the classroom we teach with high expectations, know that every student, including those with special needs, can make great progress and we give them structured steps to enable them to gain knowledge.

We expect students to strive for 100% attendance as there is a proven link between attendance and achievement at GCSE and A level and another clear link between achievement and personal development at school and life opportunities, quality of life and happiness throughout life.

Our uniform is very much about belonging and being part of team Uckfield, promoting our culture and values and enabling students to have equal opportunities in their future careers.

All students need to be prepared to learn with the right attitude, equipment and having done the necessary homework that prepares them to learn and make progress.

We also expect students to always be kind and respectful to each other at all times (in lessons, in enrichment activities, social times and when they are out of school). We are immensely proud of how our students are very considerate and supportive of each other and so learning is never allowed to be interrupted.

In summary, we ask students to do three simple things every day:

  • Try
  • Learn
  • Care.

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