Uniform and Equipment

At Uckfield College We Believe There Is A Strong Link Between Students’ Uniform And Their Learning.

Rationale for Uniform Policy - Please Read Here

Uniform sets a tone of positive team spirit and pride in our college. We expect all of our students to look their best at all times whilst in college and during their journey to and from the campus.

At Uckfield College we believe there is a strong link between students’ uniform and their learning. Uniform sets a tone of positive team spirit and pride in our college.

  • White tailored shirt or blouse available from College suppliers or from the High Street.  Must be worn tucked in and with the top button fastened.  Revere collar blouses are not acceptable.  Any T-shirts/vests/undergarments worn under should be plain white and must not be visible. 
  • Year Group Tie (this is unique to this year group) which must be purchased from College suppliers and must be worn by all students. Ties must be worn tied to the neck and broad side of the tie uppermost, which should reach down to the waist, and not in a shortened style.
  • Plain navy blue trousers or Uckfield check skirt. Trousers can be purchased from our suppliers or from the High Street and the skirt is available from our suppliers.  Trousers must be plain, navy blue formal school trousers.  They must be of a suit material, not ‘chino’ or other thick material. Any belt necessary with trousers should be plain black or navy with a normal and discrete buckle.  No ‘skinny fit’ or ‘wide leg’ trousers or leggings are permitted.  Trousers must not have a high lycra content.  Skirts must not be rolled up at the waist.
  • Navy blue blazer with College logo badge on pocket, supplied by our uniform suppliers.  Students may remove their blazers in lessons with the permission of their teachers. Between lessons and to / from school blazers must be worn as the top layer.  School jumpers should not be worn unless under a blazer.  In Term 6 students are permitted to come to College without a blazer, but should not wear their College jumper as the top layer.  Blazer sleeves should not be rolled up.
  • Optional - College V-neck jumper with purple stripe - only jumpers bearing the College stripe are permitted. No non-college jumpers, cardigans or sweatshirts. V-neck jumpers are to be worn as an additional layer, for warmth, underneath the College blazer.   V-neck jumpers must not be worn without a blazer unless a teacher gives permission for blazers to be removed in a lesson. Most students do not wear jumpers in Term 1 (early Autumn) or in Terms 5 & 6 (Summer).
  • Plain black socks (no ‘over knee’ socks and no logos).  Tights must be plain black (no footless or patterned tights).
  • Shoes - Must be black, including the sole (not trainers, slipper shoes, sandals or boots). Canvas shoes are not acceptable.  Fashion logos (including stripes, ticks etc.) or brand names must not be visible.  The material must be leather or leather-look and must be polishable.  No rubber toe caps etc. For further shoe information please follow this link.
  • We do not permit branded logos (e.g. Nike, Adidas, Jack Wills etc.) on any school wear whether they are on shirts, socks or shoes.  The reason for this is because we ensure students are not put under peer pressure to have branded clothing.  Our uniform supports our ethos of equal opportunity no matter what your family income is.
  • In cold and wet conditions if a coat is necessary in addition to the College blazer please ensure that suitable outdoor coats are worn on the journey to and from College. Denim and leather are unsuitable materials.  Any coat/jacket should be plain black or navy in line with the college uniform.  Hoodies are not permitted in place of coats and should not be brought into school; if a hoodie is seen it will be confiscated. Coats must not be worn indoors or in classrooms.
  • Belts are only permitted if required to hold up trousers (not as a fashion accessory) and should be thin and plain black or navy.
  • For Health & Safety reasons it is not permitted for students to wear earrings or have body piercing. Tongue or other piercings are not permitted. We will, however, allow one pair of ear studs, worn in the lobes, which must be removed before a PE lesson (sleeper hoops are not permitted).  Necklaces, rings and bracelets are not permitted. Fake nails are not permitted. 
  • Haircuts - extreme styles are not acceptable as determined by the school's Principal. Please be advised that students are not allowed hair shorter than grade 2 when their whole head is shaved. No hair dye products should be used on under-16s, according to manufacturers and the industry's professional body.  If over 16 and hair is dyed it should look natural and only natural colours should be used.  If you are in doubt about a hairstyle please contact the college in advance.
  • Make-up is not permitted at all in years 7-9. The Parents’ Forum had a number of parents who are very upset at the pressure put on young girls to wear make-up. We are prepared to permit a small, discrete amount in years 10 and 11 if it is judged appropriate for a professional workplace.
  • Scarves are not permitted indoors.
  • Mobile Phones/MP3/Ipods are not to be used during the school day.  Therefore at no point should a student have earphones visible.  If earphones are seen they will be confiscated immediately.  The only exception to this is if a teacher has permitted their use when working from a Chromebook.
  • Mobile phones are allowed to be brought onto the school site but they must be switched off and out of sight throughout the day, including break and lunch.  If a phone is seen or heard it will be confiscated immediately and will only be returned at the end of the day.  Depending on the circumstances a phone may be kept until a parent/guardian comes to collect it.  Failure to hand over a phone will result in instant isolation and a possible exclusion.  The only exception to these rules is if a teacher has given permission for the use of phones to support learning within a lesson.  Students must not use their phones to listen to music. All mobile phones must have active, functioning parental controls. Any phone or device that is found not to have working parental controls will not be returned to the student and only returned when the parent comes in and makes the strict promise that they will install / reactivate them.
  • Certain items worn for religious reasons are acceptable.
  • Break and Lunchtime. Students are expected to maintain a smart appearance at all times, whether inside the building or on the playground or field.  This includes having shirts tucked in, skirts worn to their full length and ties worn correctly. The only exception to this is if a student is taking part in physical activity eg a game of football/basketball etc, when they may wish to change into trainers and have shirts untucked.  Students are permitted to remove their blazers during break and lunchtime but at no point should they wear their jumper as the top layer.  All items of uniform must be put back in place (eg shirts tucked in, school shoes on) immediately the student finishes the activity.  Students wearing the incorrect uniform will be given a uniform detention the following day.
  • To and from school.  Students are highly visible on their way to and from school and are ambassadors for their college.  All students must wear their uniform to and from school and wear it correctly e.g. shirts tucked in, tie done up, skirt unrolled.  They may not wear PE kit to and from school even if they have PE period 1 or 5.

PE Kit

Sportswear fabrics have moved on considerably over recent years and become much more widely available as performance sportswear from school uniform suppliers.  With this in mind, our PE kit is functional, comfortable, durable, easy to care for, professional and distinctive.  Under their College PE kit, students are permitted to wear plain black base layers e.g. thermal tops and/or leggings.  In cold weather students may also wear plain black tracksuit bottoms.

Students must wear the Uckfield College PE tops and Uckfield College PE shorts / skorts.  Students are not permitted to wear short, tight-fitting lycra shorts.

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