Alumni network

We welcome and strongly encourage our ex-students to share their success and career stories with us via our alumni network.  This is run through LinkedIn and can be found at Uckfield College Alumni Network and you can also connect with Mrs S. Aguilera, our Aspirations Leader, who manages the network and coordinates various career events to support and inspire our current students. Ex-students can also email and ask to be added to the alumni network.  

We encourage ex-students to join the alumni network as our current students are always inspired by the achievements of their predecessors. There are also a number of opportunities throughout the year where ex-students can come back into college to meet current students and talk about their careers.  However, there is no obligation or expectation that members of the alumni network do this.

The Maths team were recently delighted to welcome back ex-student Oliver Southall to the College. He spoke to our Year 11 Maths students sharing his experience of studying four subjects at A level, his university choice, life at University and starting a career. At Uckfield College Oliver studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics & Chemistry (fluent in Spanish he should have taken Spanish A level!) and went on to read Maths at Warwick. He graduated in 2022. He started his career through a graduate programme in High Wycombe and is now a Credit Analyst for Vanquis Bank in London, plays squash and climbs.

Oliver southall alumni