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Teacher Training

Teacher Training


Initial Teacher Training

At Uckfield College we are committed to the delivery of high quality initial teacher training, we understand that this is essential to boost teacher recruitment and ensure we have the very best teachers within our institution and the local community. The college has experienced mentors to support comprehensive training across a broad range of subjects, and we are proud of the strong relationships that we have developed with both our partnership universities and the Wealden group of schools.  We are also excited to offer a new teacher training route through the Tanbridge Teacher Training Hub.

As a college we work with a number of different providers for Initial Teacher Training to offer school and university-based routes for training:

These include:

  • The Wealden Partnership (Heathfield Community College, Uplands Community College, Uckfield College, Beacon Academy)
  • Tanbridge Teacher Training Hub with Inspiring Future Teachers
  • Sussex University
  • Brighton University
  • Teach Kent & Sussex


The Wealden Partnership

The Wealden Partnership offers a school-based teacher training programme which allows trainees to learn on the job as they work towards their Qualified Teacher Status. This route is run by the Wealden Partnership who work closely with both Brighton and Sussex universities.  If you are interested in this route you can apply directly to the college via the DFE portal.

School Connect PGCE is the Sussex University course and School Choice PGCE is the Brighton University course.

With both courses trainees are hosted at a school and attend training at the university.  Over the course of the year trainees will have experience of teaching in two of the schools within the Wealden Partnership.  Candidates applying for this route will be interviewed by the college and the university.



The Tanbridge Teacher Training Hub

The Tanbridge Teacher Training Hub (TTTH) will work in partnership with schools across the area, including Uckfield College, in order to deliver exceptional training experiences for those looking to get into teaching via a school-based training and education route. For anyone considering a career in teaching, this new partnership with schools in the area means that trainees can be placed in a school best suited to them in a convenient location for them too. All trainees on the programme will spend one day a week at Tanbridge House School, in addition to the four days they will be with their host school, to study a carefully mapped out curriculum that supports the hands-on training and prepares them for life as a teacher.

If you are interested in finding out more on this route into becoming a teacher at Uckfield college visit

Applications are open for the following subjects: Maths, English, Science and Religious Education.  Candidates applying for this route will be interviewed by the college and the teacher training hub.


Sussex and Brighton Universities

Uckfield College has well-established partnerships with both Sussex and Brighton universities. Trainees studying for their postgraduate teaching qualification at university will complete two placements in local schools during their course.  Information on the range of PGCE courses available at each institution can be found on their website.

To apply for a postgraduate teaching course with Brighton or Sussex university visit

Visit the Get Into Teaching website to find out more information on different routes into teaching


School Experience Placements

Undertaking a short classroom type teaching task and showing an awareness of the curriculum and school life is a likely part of the interview process, so candidates may wish to prepare themselves by spending some time in an appropriate school setting for the subject/phase they intend to teach beforehand. Schools may not be able to accommodate such visits at the present time but please contact your local school to enquire.

For enquiries about school experience placements please contact