Head Students' Welcome

A warm welcome to the Sixth Form


Holly Mankelow - Head Student


"Welcome to Uckfield College, my name is Holly and I'm one of the head students here at Uckfield. I am currently studying English Literature, English Language, Drama and Maths, with the intention to go on and study English Literature and Theatre Studies at university."



Ida larkin head student


"Welcome to Uckfield College! My name is Ida Larkin and I am one of the Head Students within the Sixth Form. I am currently studying Dance, Drama and English Literature and am hoping to attend Drama College next year."



Academic study

As a year 13 student I feel that I am in a strong position to analyse the school as I have been a student here for over 6 years now. The school really provides the sense that you are part of a broader community while still maintaining an emphasis on individualism when it comes to teaching. The detailed feedback given by teachers on each specific assessment really facilitates strong academic growth, you are always aware of exactly how to improve which I feel is crucial for the overall development of each student. 

Something that sets our sixth form apart is that we have study periods which is where students will go into the Sixth Form Study Area and complete an hour of silent study in order to keep up with the workload that comes from their new courses. During my time at the sixth form , the one thing I have appreciated the most is the huge amount of support you receive from your teachers. They were able to provide me with extra resources and also have continually been kind enough to give up their own time to go through anything that I was struggling with. Class sizes are also very small meaning you are able to have a lot of focussed time with your teachers and all individual needs are met easily. 


Extra curricular activities

The college not only provides the foundations for academic excellence but also offers a broad array of engaging extracurricular activities including clubs, trips and student leadership roles for example. One club which I find particularly enjoyable is the debate club, open to years 11, 12 and 13. The club helps to build opinions surrounding contemporary issues, personally I find the club very helpful for aiding academic growth within my own subjects.


Leadership opportunities

Student leadership positions within the sixth form are great opportunities for students to develop their organisation and communication skills while participating in  various events within the school and the surrounding community. 

There is also the opportunity to get more heavily involved in the student leadership team when you enter  the sixth form.  You have the opportunity to lead a small team or even a large team , with roles in charity , environment , academic support and much more.  Being involved in the student leadership team has allowed me to become a more active member in the college community and attempt to improve the college environment for students.  This role has also given me valuable experience in leadership , organisation and public speaking - these student leadership roles are something I would strongly encourage you all to get involved in next year.


Social activities

The school hosts various fun and engaging social activities. For example there are frequent deep learning days which encourage teamwork and togetherness in order to complete tasks. Enrichment week also acts as a fantastic way to create meaningful and long-lasting friendships through the shared experiences of participating in countless school trips. 



I think the best piece of advice would be to just enjoy your time here because it will absolutely fly by. In order to do this I would suggest taking as many opportunities as you can, this will help create new friendships as well as with the development of various skills including communication, organisation and generally the ability to feel comfortable within your school environment. 

Something I would encourage all students to do is to put yourself out of your comfort zone and go for every opportunity you are given  as it allows you to discover more about yourself as a person. This will better prepare you for bigger decisions in the future such as choosing your GCSEs and eventually A-Levels as you’ve gained knowledge of what you enjoy and are passionate about.