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At Uckfield College we report formally to parents three times each year on the progress being made by students through a Student Profile or via a Parents’ Evening.

Term 2 - Student Profiles provided for all students
Term 4 - Student Profiles provided for all students
Term 6 - Student Profiles provided for all Y7 - 10 and Y12 students. Y11 and Y13 receive exam grades.

In Year 7 and 8 we report on the extent to which a student is becoming an Uckfield ACE - which includes the extent to which they have reached the intended curriculum end points.
In other Year groups we report on predicted attainment by the end of the Key Stage.
For all year groups we report Subject Specific Improvement Strategies based on accurate assessment and on Engagement in Learning (including improvement strategies)

We believe this information enables the students themselves, their parents and their form mentors to be clear about what it is they are striving to improve and develop.
Our ultimate aim is that they leave Uckfield College as inspired, confident, resilient, thoughtful, caring young people, who will have the skills to be life-long learners and make a wholly positive contribution to society.

PIN feedback
Students also receive regular feedback from their classroom teachers through the use of PIN marking where an assessed piece of work is marked and returned to students once every 9 hours of curriculum time or at least once per term. 

Marking is Positive (clear and specific about what is good, strong or accurate), gives students strategies to Improve (what skills and/or knowledge would improve the work) and requires a response that they do Now - hence PIN.

All PIN comments are recorded in the PIN feedback section of the student’s online learning organiser so that students have an easy reference point when looking at their curriculum targets. The learning organiser will also share these comments with parents who can further support their child.

MyACE Learning Organiser