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Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report


Ofsted, 2022

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Carers,

Ofsted inspection Oct 2022

It’s your school

We are all very proud of the excellent Ofsted inspection report and I hope you are too. It’s your school. This report along with the GCSE and A level results reflect the fact that Uckfield College is one of the best schools in the country.

The inspection was an ungraded inspection, which means that the inspection team could not change our existing official rating as Good. There were three possible outcomes to our 2022 inspection:

  1. The inspectors feel that there is strong evidence that the school has significantly improved and, if they had completed a ‘Graded’ inspection, we could be judged ‘Outstanding’ now. This is the outcome we achieved! They will call for a ‘Graded’ inspection, which happens a year or two from now. 

  2. They feel that the school continues to be Good. In this case, they would return for a follow up inspection in four years time.

  3. The inspectors feel that there is evidence that the Good school has declined and could be judged Requires Improvement now. They then call a Graded inspection, which happens a year or two later or, occasionally, immediately. 

We are all thrilled that we have been awarded the very best possible outcome (number 1), that we have significantly improved and could be judged ‘Outstanding’ now! The criteria the inspectors were using was the same as in a graded inspection and they gathered huge amounts of evidence, both before they came, and during the two days.  

What did the inspection involve?

The inspection carried out extremely thorough investigations into:

Our curriculum (everything students gain from their education at Uckfield College) - knowledge, skills, understanding and character growth

  •  Safeguarding

  • Behaviour

  • Bullying

  • The quality of teaching and learning

  •  Provision and progress of students with SEND and Pupil Premium

  • Our Sixth Form

  • Staff professional development and staff workload

  • Outcomes: GCSE and Sixth Form (BTEC and A levels) including how well different groups of students (high ability students, disadvantaged students and those with SEND) have achieved

What did the inspection find?

  • We are an improving school

  •  We could be judged Outstanding now

  • The depth and quality of the education is excellent

  • Our curriculum is exceptionally well planned and prepares students very well for their future

  • Personal development, which is how students’ character grows, is very strong. Students become confident, determined and ambitious.

  • Our Careers education leads to students having high aspirations

  • Students are happy and safe, including from bullying

  • Students show considerable respect for each other

  • Relationships between students are harmonious and supportive

  • Diversity and differences are celebrated

  • Disadvantaged students and those with SEND are well supported. They are well known, and actively encouraged by their teachers. They achieve exceptionally well in line with Uckfield College’s policy of ‘high expectations and high support’. 

  • SEND students make great progress 

  • Higher attaining pupils are given extension work and challenged to deepen their knowledge

  • There are great leadership opportunities for all students and lots of them do voluntary work

  • There is an amazing choice of extra-curricular activities

  •  Inspectors saw no evidence of poor behaviour during the inspection

  • The Sixth Form is an exceptional experience for students

What does this inspection mean to students, parents and carers?

It’s your school. We trust that every student, parent and carer feels truly proud of their achievements. It is through students' drive to give their best and the support of parents and carers working closely with staff that so many improvements have been made. The team of staff and parents and carers around each child should celebrate how far everyone has come. Well done! Huge congratulations!

What will our community of students, staff, parents and carers be doing between now and the next inspection in a year or two’s time?

We will continue to work in very close partnership with parents and carers with every individual student at the heart of everything we do:

  • Ensuring there is very high quality of teaching and learning in every lesson

  • Engaging positively with parents and carers, always with students’ best interests at heart

  • Caring for every individual

  • Supporting everyone’s wellbeing

Thank you so much for working so positively with us and for your amazing support.

On behalf of the whole team of passionate and caring staff at Uckfield College,


Julie Laughton, Chair of Governors

Hugh Hennebry, Principal

Sara Marshallsay, Head of School


The report from our recent OFSTED inspection may be viewed below:

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