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A Super-Curricular College

A Super-Curricular College

Making new friends, building belonging, developing skills, including everyone

What is the difference between what we had before, which was an amazing array of fantastic extra-curricular options, to being a super-curricular school?

  1. All students must do something (before school, lunch or after school). We became a Super Curricular school in 2021/22 with Y7, 9 & 12 and since September 2022 with all years (Y7 to 13).
  2. Students will work towards more Awards / Qualifications than in a normal extra-curricular activity. These awards and qualifications will give students evidence of their knowledge, skills and character.

At Uckfield College our students are:

  • Able to think for themselves
  • Innovative
  • Social activists: engaged, responsible, knowledgeable, tolerant, outward-looking
  • Aspirational
  • Future focused on careers and employability skills
  • Ready, willing and able to make a wholly positive contribution to improving society

We believe that our super curricular provision is a key part of achieving this aim. As a result of participating in our diverse range of wider opportunities students will work towards long-term goals, be aspirational learners, foster deep concentration, stimulate their minds and develop employability skills.

We strive towards preparing students to be adaptable within an ever changing world. Our super curriculum nurtures students’ engagement, personal responsibility, knowledge and tolerance towards being outward-looking social activists. As a result, students from Uckfield College will be ready, willing and able to make a wholly positive contribution to improving society.

Super Curricular opportunities take place before school, during lunch and after school and we published our full provision map in October. 

Our Menu for students includes the following:

Eco Club, Cerebrum Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, Female Lead Society, Book Club, Creative Writing, School Newspaper, Poetry By Heart, Innov8 (Computing) Club, Esports / Gaming Industry Club, Y7 & 8 STEAM Club, Electric Car Club, LGBTQ+ Diversity Group, Environmental Journalism Club, Warhammer Club, Chess Club, Yr7 & 8 Italian Club, History Strategy Games Club, Lower School Choir (Y7-8), Chamber Strings, The Music Industry, Jazz / Wind Band, Ukulele Group, Folk Music Group, Bronze & Silver Arts Awards, Dance Club, UC Dance Company, Drama Club, Lunch Football Club, After School Football Club, Y7 Basketball Club, Rugby Club, Netball Club, KS3 & KS4 Fitness Clubs, Table Tennis Club, Badminton Club, Swimming Club, Futsal Club, and more.

Why a Super Curricular school?

Through our super curricular provision, we are able to provide diverse and compelling experiences for students that extend far beyond the classroom.

All students participate in at least one activity (before school, lunch or after school). Lots of students do several!

  • An inclusive approach - we seek to ensure access to opportunities for all
  • Belonging, Connection and Positive Development: Personally developed and personally knowledgeable -  physically, mentally, socially and emotionally
  • Developing students’ oracy: Super curricular activities typically contain a significant amount of oracy
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Developing creativity

If you have any questions about super-curricular, please contact Mr Harvey:

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