Uckfield College Transition Programme: Springboard to Success



Unfortunately, the school closure has meant that we have been unable to run our usual Transition programme. Instead we have recorded a series of video messages for you to watch so that you can meet some of your new teachers, hear from some current students and try some activities over the summer holiday if you wish. You have also been sent a questionnaire to complete to help us get to know you a little.

Please contact Ms Shipley or Mr Stonebanks if you have any questions.



New Intake Evening Zoom Meeting with Mr Hennebry





A video message from the Year 7 Director of Year,
Ms Shipley


Ms Shipley's email address is: s.shipley@uckfield.college



A video message from the Year 7 Pastoral Leader,
Mr Stonebanks


Mr Stonebanks' email address is: r.stonebanks@uckfield.college



Further Information about joining Uckfield College


Current Student Messages to the New Year 7 Students




Form Mentor Video Messages


Ms Wakeman

Ms Wakeman 7U


Ms Taylor

Ms Taylor 7C


Ms Reynolds

Ms Reynolds 7K


Dr Messenger

Dr Messenger 7F


Ms Ford

Ms Ford 7I


Dr Dowell

Dr Dowell 7E


Mr Ball

Mr Ball 7L


Ms Rawnsley

Ms Rawnsley 7D


Mr Winslade

Mr Winslade 7M




Messages to the New Year 7 Students from Uckfield College Departments






Video Link



Summer Activity




Read as much as you can! Choose some great books from our recommended reading list. See at the bottom of the doc for links to some great websites for further reading recommendations.

Here is a link to the Myths and Legends book we will be studying in Term 1.

Here are some quizlets (online games) you can play to learn some key vocabulary.



Equipment List

Why not play this fun maths game!

Factors & Multiples Game

1-100 Number Grid




Try to learn these hazard warning symbols.

Can you remember the names of these different pieces of lab equipment and how we draw them?


French or Spanish

Use Duolingo  www.duolingo.com

Go onto youtube and search for songs in French and Spanish. (Listen to the ones below!)

¡Buenos días!  

Bonjour! Salut!

Quizlet: Practise vocabulary with the correct pronunciation.

Quizlet: Bonjour!

Quizlet: Tú y yo - You and me


Over the Summer why not get out in the sunshine and do some sketching. Draw anything that catches your eye - flowers, buildings, people

Also see if you can do a virtual tour of an online gallery anywhere in the World



Make an account with the programming tool Scratch using this link.


Never used Scratch before? Follow these tutorials to learn the basics of programming in Scratch.

Already used Scratch? Follow these video tutorials to learn how to make a Pacman game using Scratch.


Design Technology

You could try making some of these recipes


It would be good to practise your sketching skills.


Attached are 6 common Fairy-Tales: Fairy Tales   

Please choose a fairytale and explore an activity below:

  • How could you stage this story and bring a moment to life within your home? Could you make any of the props? Is there a way to modernise the fairytale?
  • How might you make this a site specific piece, where you perform the story outside?
  • Could you recite one of the fairy-tales as a monologue (one person speech). How can you ensure you engage an audience's attention when speaking?
  • Or lastly, how might you design and create a story-board or 3D set for your chosen story?

Have a look through this document and try some of the activities suggested. 

Year 7 summer preparation activities

Suggested summer activities from the history department


Life Learning


Coming soon Coming soon
Listen to much music as possible, from lots of different styles, and sing as much as you can!


Healthy Selfie - Upload a picture of yourself doing something healthy, exercising, preparing a healthy meal or snack or playing sport. 

Remember to include the hashtag #healthyselfie 

And tweet the PE Department @UckColl_Sport 

As well as this little challenge, make sure you are exercising every day and eating a healthy diet. 

Instead of watching TV all day or Netflix why not try NetFLEX. Click on the link to this document and have a go at some of these online workouts.  Netflex  


Religious Studies


Look through these slides for some suggested RS activities.