Student Council

Every student at Uckfield College is entitled to have their voice heard

The whole student community is responsible for electing student council representatives, using this channel to raise areas for discussion and for hearing, and abiding by, the outcomes. The Student Council provides a forum where representatives from all year groups raise, discuss and propose resolutions about issues which are important to the students they represent.

The process of electing representatives, drawing up agendas and convening meetings will model good democratic practice. School Council meeting will provide opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. Student Council representatives are responsible for gathering information from the students they represent and for feeding back after meetings. The Student Council has the right to invite advisors (staff or student groups) to meetings.


The  College Council

Congratulations to all of our student College Council who have been selected, from the wider group of elected form representatives, to represent the voice of their year group.


The College Council consists of two elected Year Group Representatives from years 7-13. The College Council will meet once a week discussing issues raised by year councils. They will be involved in decision making and consultation processes with representatives feeding back to the rest of their year groups via their tutor groups.


Year 7 Student Council


Year 8 Student Council


Year 9 Student Council

Year 10 Student Council


Year 11 Student Council



Leadership Opportunities for every student


At Uckfield College we provide students with a rich set of opportunities both outside and inside the classroom to help them realise their potential, student leadership being just one of them. We recognise that leadership skills are very important and highly sought after by employers. The experience student leaders gain will be of value for a lifetime.


We have three areas of student leadership which are recognised and awarded across all year groups.


Character Leaders: student representation, consultation and involved in decision making, being an ambassador for the college and leading students.. E.g Form Reps, Year Council Reps, College Council Reps, Head Boy/Head Girl, Charity Leaders, Community Leaders etc.


Academic Leaders: students are selected by the academic departments to become subject leaders and they will be given opportunities to develop their leadership skills which will impact positively on learning for students e.g academic support, resource creation and curation, peer teaching, representing the subject area at events, outreach work.


Enrichment Leaders: every extra curricular club has recognised leaders e.g Spiritus, Eco club, team captains, sports clubs.