Our Facilities

Our extensive rural grounds and our very well-equipped specialist learning spaces make Uckfield College a great place to learn and to work


Reading Room 

Our beautiful Reading Room is a warm, inviting and comfortable space for students to enjoy a good read and supports the great value we place as a College on enjoying and developing personal reading. Students will spend some of their English lessons in the Reading Room and receive personalised support from our dedicated librarian in building enjoyable and inspiring reading habits.

Learning Resource Centre

Our learning Resources Centre is a large but quiet space for research, homework, and independent study. It has roll out seating and can be converted quickly into a fantastic lecture theatre-type experience for assemblies and visiting speakers.

 Reading room

Sport Facilities

Uckfield College boasts a wide range of high quality sport facilities. These include: two football pitches, a rugby pitch, two netball courts, two sports halls, a fully equipped fitness suite, a full size 3G (3rd Generation) all-weather pitch and a 25 metre swimming pool. Additionally, there are a host recreational spaces scattered throughout our beautiful rural site, where students play sports informally.

3G Pitch

3G Pitch

3G Pitch


Our full size 3G artificial turf pitch is a fantastic facility for our students, providing a reliable, high quality sporting facility unaffected by rain, sun and ice. No winter water logging and no hard baked surface in summer means PE lessons, extra curricular clubs and sporting fixtures at Uckfield College carry on regardless of the weather.

The Leisure Centre on our campus has a super 25 metre swimming pool, used for swimming lessons as well as by the college swim team for training and swimming galas. The modern and well- equipped fitness suite in the leisure centre is used by our GCSE PE and A levels students to either just keep fit or as part of their wider training plans for their various specialist sport.

During the summer our football pitches become a running track with shot put and discus circles as well as long jump pits on the outer edges of the track; enabling our Athletics Team to maintain a full training schedule for competitions. We also have an all weather cricket square in the centre of the running track which is used for PE lessons and cricket matches. Both girls and boys cricket is thriving at the college and the cricket square is very well used throughout the cricket season.

3G pitch


During the summer months our rugby pitch becomes the home to striking and fielding, with rounders and stool ball pitches hosting many matches and tournaments.

Our two large sports halls are used for basketball, badminton and PE lesson throughout the year and together with the 3G pitch help to ensure high quality PE provision regardless of the winter weather conditions.

Music Suite

The Music department benefits from four bespoke classrooms housed in a suite. One of the music rooms is for composition / music production and is equipped with 14 Apple Mac computers, all with Sibelius and Logic Pro Audio. There is a substantial recording studio attached to a live recording room, in addition to 6 practice rooms, two of which have benefited from state of the art soundproofing. One of the practice rooms is a piano suite and features a grand piano for quality practise. A storage area houses our steel drums, djembes, samba set and extensive pitched percussion - including marimba and orchestra xylophone.

Practice room




Dance, Drama and Performance space

We have a wonderful combined Dance and Drama studio and it is perfect for practicing both dance moves and drama performances. The Dance and Drama spaces can be separated for lessons or opened up and combined to create our large ‘Pamphillon Theatre’. The Theatre is used for club showcases, GCSE and A Level exam performances and local theatre companies also use it for special events throughout the year. The theatre seats 109 people in raked seating and is fully air-conditioned. It boasts full theatrical sound lighting facilities and a backstage area including a costume cupboard, green room and toilet. 

The modern studio spaces both have black curtains and walls to create a super atmosphere for professional performances and the sprung wooden floor keeps dancers and drama students comfortable during even the most physical performances. The mirrored wall with barre mean students really can perfect their dance moves.

Drama studio

Dance studio

Drama space


Extensive WIFI Network

Uckfield College has invested sensibly in enterprise grade network infrastructure equipment over the last few years, covering both LAN switching and Wireless technology.
The core network provides a mixture of Gigabit and wire speed 10Gb connectivity which is required to maintain high performance and flexibility.  Strong resilience is a key aspect of the network which supports IRF stacking technology to allow for resiliency and distributed link aggregation to both server infrastructure and edge switches. Network resilience is further enhanced with the use of ‘Open Shortest Path First’ advanced layer 3 routing features. 
The wireless system utilises single-channel technology for ultra-high density. The College sees a higher density deployment than many universities or airports achieve.  The College operates a 1:1 Chromebook deployment so seamless roaming and the ability to handle 2000 users with as many as 4000 devices is critical. The WiFi supports the latest 802.11ac technology.  The College currently deploys a Fortinet Infrastructure wireless system (formerly Meru)  to successfully achieve this.



The catering at the college is provided by Caterlink 
There are four catering outlets across the site, providing a wide range of food options including two course meals, salads, pasta, sandwiches snacks and drinks.
There are plenty of innovative ideas including ‘Special Days’ and ‘Seasonal Menus’. The menu is also advertised weekly for both parents and students to see in advance.

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