Mock United Nations General Assembly 2018

Munga 2018

On Tuesday 17th July all of our year 12 students took part in the Sixth Form Model United Nations General Assembly (MUNGA). This is an academic simulation activity in which participants assume the role of national ambassadors to debate and seek to solve global issues. To be successful, delegates must have a precise attention to detail when constructing and analysing resolutions, a secure grasp of rhetoric to ensure their country's views are heard and an ability to work collaboratively. Students had spend the previous week working in team to research their allocated countries and assiciated issues, preparing for the MUNGA event. 

It was an amazing opportunity for everyone and a great learning experience too. All of our students fully embraced their roles and engaged in passionate, intelligent debate and discussion around real international issues. Find out more on the website created by our Year 10 GCSE Media students.