Mock Election 2019

Sixth Form Students' Mock Election Debate 2019

10th Annual Sixth Form Students' Mock Election Debate on 10th May 2019 at Uckfield College Hall, 12:20 to 13:50

The Politics & Philosophy departments at Uckfield College have again invited representatives from the main political parties to a Sixth Form students' debate at our College Sixth Form Centre on Friday 10th May 2019 in order to answer our students’ questions on current affairs, political values and the path ahead for Brexit Britain. In 2017 the students at Uckfield College voted strongly in favour of votes at 16 with 68% voting to introduce it, in this specific year they included two referendum questions the second one being 59% against the introduction of compulsory voting. In the 2018 mock election Chris Bowers, Liberal Democrat representative, won over the students and managed to secure 43% of their vote, over-taking Davy Jones, the Green representative who had won the previous two years only gaining 33.2% from 42.9% in 2017. In 2018 students also voted 49% not to renew the nuclear Trident missile system, with 42% against. Who will gain the most votes this year? As in past years, the vote will take place immediately after the debate.



Image from the 2013 debate

The debate is scheduled to take place in the Hall at Uckfield College from 12:20pm until 1:50pm on Friday 10th May 2019.

This is the ninth consecutive year in which this popular East Sussex debating event takes place. For all Uckfield College 6th form results since 2010, please see Link.

The debate and subsequent vote aim at raising interest in, and awareness of contemporary political, social and economic issues whether local, national or international. In addition to this it aims to increase the political education of students at Uckfield College. The debate features questions fielded by our wider student population in years 12 and 13, the ten or so most pertinent ones being selected by a Politics A-level panel at our school.

The candidates agreeing to take part this year and be elected the representative of the 6th form students at Uckfield College are:

Angela Airlie will be representing Labour in the debate for a third time this year; she was the parliamentary candidate for the Wealden constituency in the 2017 general election; she is the current Labour party chairwoman for this constituency;

The Conservatives’ Roy Galley, who is county and district councillor, and was MP between 1983 and 1987, standing in for Nus Ghani our local Wealden MP who cannot attend this year’s debate; this will be Roy’s second time at our debate and mock election;

Chris Bowers (Liberal democrat) who hopes to retain the Uckfield College 6th form ‘seat’; he was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Brighton Pavilion in the general election 2015 and in our own Wealden constituency in 2017 and 2010 when Chris came second behind then-MP Charles Hendry (Conservatives);

Finally the Green’s representative Colin Stock, who is returning again after his appearance in the 2011 mock election.

As in previous years, our students will be asking a range of question on often controversial issues and will have the opportunity to respond to and take position on the responses given by the candidates. Likely questions range from the Conservative party’s involvement in the housing crisis to youth suicide becoming a national emergency. In addition to electing an Uckfield College representative from among the four candidates, Politics students have also chosen the referendum question to be put to the student audience as a whole: 

“Should grammar schools in England be phased out?” Link to the Ballot Paper

Last year's question on whether the UK should renew the nuclear Trident missile system got 41% in favour of renewal and 49% in favour of abolishment. 

At the end of the event, all 6th form students are asked to cast their ballot. Votes are counted on the basis of the Alternative voting electoral system, a system chosen by our 6th formers in a referendum in 2011. 

What will the result of this year’s vote be? Will the Liberal Democrats retain the Uckfield College 6th form seat? 

Dan Buschle @ Uckfield College 

Charley Whitehead (Y12 Politics) 

If you wish to attend this debate, please contact Mr Dan Buschle ( Head of Politics and Philosophy at our college. We would warmly welcome participation from interested members of the local community but would need to know about your attendance in advance. 

We also warmly welcome representatives from the local and regional media to attend and report this event.