Road Works at Crowborough and Effects on Buses

From: CET PTS Public Transport
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2020 at 14:46
Subject: Urgent: Road works at Crowborough and effects on buses>

You may be aware that buses have been on diversion and unable to serve certain stops in the Crowborough town centre area since SGN began some works there in early January. These works continue for several weeks more.

From next week (16 March), East Sussex Highways drainage works commence which close Sheep Plain and Hurtis Hill. The coincidence of these two schemes means Brighton & Hove routes 28/29/29B (Brighton – Lewes – Uckfield – Crowborough – Tunbridge Wells) will have to omit a large section of route through Crowborough. Northbound, this is 2.3 miles in length with things slightly better southbound as traffic in that direction can get through the town centre. 6 stops northbound and 5 stops southbound cannot be served until the East Sussex Highways works are finished with the last day for those intended to be 27 March.

This will cause some considerable disruption for many bus passengers. Full details of diversions and arrangements are available on the Brighton & Hove website, You may wish to put a note on your website (or send out through any other outlets) to advise parents/young people who use these services.

Colin Eaton
Transport Hub
East Sussex County Council