GCSE Exam Results 2019

GCSE Success at Uckfield College


Once again, students at Uckfield College responded to the challenge of the new, harder GCSEs and performed exceptionally well. The headline figure of 9-4 (previously grades A*-C) in English and Maths rose to 75% and the new headline of 9-5 in English and Maths was 50%. The year group also achieved a greater number of the very top grades with 11.3% attaining 9-8 (previously grade A*).


Hugh Hennebry, Principal, said, “The new exams are tougher and we are so proud that our students have worked so hard for so long to achieve personal excellence. They have done so well because they have studied, done homework or revised every day throughout their GCSEs. Our students have shown real resilience and determination and what has marked this year group out is their positive attitude and desire to do their very best. Staff at the College have put in huge amounts of effort to inspire and help them and I am also very grateful for the tremendous support all our parents have given each of them. What great teamwork!”


Dan Wynne Willson, Deputy Principal, added, “It was a delight to see so many happy students collecting their results today. The year group undertook the challenge of their exams with such enthusiasm in the summer term and these very good results are a reflection of the hours of hard work and dedication the students, staff and parents have put in over the years. We are, as always, so proud of our students and wish them all the best as they move into the 6th form with us or other routes they may decide to take.”


Exceptional Outcomes

Only 837 students nationally attained grade 9s in every subject and we are extremely proud of Jess Molesworth who also achieved this fantastic feat in all her subjects. The new grade 9s were introduced to be above the A* (which is now a grade 8). Jess joins a very elite national group of brilliant young minds.


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Jess Molesworth and Lorna Birkby are both in the top 0.1% of all private and state pupils nationally.

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Other exceptional results included:

  • Lorna Birkby who achieved nine grade 9s and 1 grade 8

  • Gemma Downing who achieved six grade 9s and 3 grade 8s

  • Henry Allen who achieved four grade 9s and 6 grade 8s

  • Zak Robertson, Henry Allen, Lorna Birkby and Jess Molesworth who all achieved a grade 9 in both their English and Maths GCSEs.


Students who achieved on average grade 7 (previously A) or higher across all subjects:

  • Jess Molesworth

  • Lorna Birkby

  • Gemma Downing

  • Henry Allen

  • Adam Graham

  • Lily Larkin

  • Zak Robertson

  • Lucy Wainwright

  • Marvella Horthy

  • Lucy Meacher

  • Austin Munn

  • Louis Edwards-Munro

  • Sam Bishop

  • Louise Dodson

  • Owen McSherry

  • Eleanor Mumford

  • Bree Nichols

  • Freddy Crisp

  • Arthur Jarvis

  • Joshua Clift

  • Rowan Avis

  • Erika Siggs

  • Sasha Carter

  • Charles Mack

  • Jessica Jeary Terry

  • Katie Potts

  • Joshua Christian

  • Jake Dawson

  • Poppy Sofianos

  • Jedd Goulson

  • Thomas Lines

  • Saif Ullah

  • Didi Murray Brown

  • Toby Shelford

  • Liv Stevens


Students who exceeded their target grades to achieve fantastic results:

  • Reya Patel

  • Charlotte Fothergill

  • Lily May Gauntlett

  • Luke Prevost

  • Abbie Paterson

  • Emily Coleman

  • Daisy Efford

  • Sophie Ivanec

  • Hattie Legh Smith

  • Phoebe Devay

  • Payton Urtel

  • Vicky Mathes

  • Ellie Webb

  • Ellie Goldsmith

  • Mayah Holden

  • Hollie Hughes

  • Elliot Phoenix

  • Ellie Brooker

  • Billy Harvey

  • Grace Picken



Photos 2019



Photo 2

Brandon Rider, Nathan Dowding, Austin Munn and Joshua Clift



Photo 3

Poppy Sofianos, Isabella Goodwin and Erika Siggs



Photo 4

Lucy Wainwright, Livi Comley and Lily Larkin



Photo 5

Phoebe DeVay with her delighted mum



Photo 6

Mayah Holden, Sasha Carter and Ellie Goldsmith



Photo 7

Vicky Mathes, Scarlett Cassidy and Maya Upmacis



Photo 8

Reeya Patel and her proud father



Photo 9

Vicky Mathes and Scarlett Cassidy



Photo 10

Katie Potts and mum



Photo 11

Indra Upmacis, Liv Stevens, Gracie Hancock and Ayla Jones



Photo 12

Lucy Meacher, Charlotte Fothergill and Sophie Ivanec



Photo 13

Lucy Meacher and Indra Upmacis



Photo 14

Hollie Hughes and mum and Abbie Paterson and mum



Photo 15

Joshua Christian and Gemma Downing



Photos 2019