GCSE Success

2017 and Uckfield College Students achieve our best ever set of results at GCSE

August 2017

Students at Uckfield Community College achieved the best set of GCSE results in the school’s history with 76% of students achieving English and Maths GCSE at grades 9-4 and an overall 5A*-C of 79%. This is the first year of the new, more challenging GCSEs in Maths and English and the first year with the new 1-9 grades. 

GCSE students results day



Principal, Hugh Hennebry, said:

“The exams were tougher and for this year group to rise to this challenge and do better than any previous year shows what an amazing year group they are. I must pay tribute to the incredibly focused and conscientious way our students worked each and every day. They had to learn more knowledge than previous GCSE students and they managed to do that by regular and effective study habits. Well done to them, we are all hugely proud of their well-deserved success. I also want to thank the staff team who made sure that they taught the new courses and prepared the students so thoroughly both with inspirational teaching and also individual support. Finally, I must say how well our parents supported each student on their tough, learning journey. Congratulations, everyone.”

Detailed results

GCSE Results 2017:

•    The percentage of students achieving 9-4 in Maths was 79%
•    The percentage of students achieving 9-4 in English was 89%
•    GCSE Basics (English and Maths) Grades 9-4 = 76%
•    Percentage of students achieving Grades 9-5 in both English and Maths = 52%

Attainment 8 Score = 50.84 (Grade C) 

This attainment puts Uckfield Community College in the top 20% of students nationally.

Progress 8 = +0.19 

The DfE judge the progress our students make as ‘Above Average’.  The progress is in the top 30% of schools nationally.

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August 2016

The percentage of students achieving A*-C in Maths was 71%

The percentage of students achieving A*-C in English was 79%.

GCSE Basics 9-4% = 66% (2016)
Our Attainment 8 Score = 5.28 (2016)
Progress 8 = +0.05 (2016)

The main measures for GCSE are:

Attainment 8 (how well each student has done in their best 8 GCSE subjects). All eight grades for every student count towards this score.

Progress 8 (how well all the students have progressed since their primary schools SATs). 
The percentage of students getting A*-C in both English and Maths.