GCSE Success 2018

Uckfield College has another strong set of results for GCSEs

Uckfield College students have excelled again with their 2018 GCSE results!


  • 9-4 including English and Maths 72%

  • 9-5 including English and Maths 51%

  • % grade 9-4 (A*-C) = 79%

  • Attainment 8 score 52.6

  • Very strong progress for Pupil Premium students

  • 87 grades at grade 9

  • 5 students achieved grade 9 in both English and Maths


Principal, Hugh Hennebry, said,

“We are delighted with another set of great GCSE results. Every single student has been on their own personal journey of learning and developing their character and these results are a positive reflection of how successful they have been. Along the way, each student has improved. Congratulations to them all. Thank you to our staff and parents for their tremendous support. The special teamwork between everyone is what makes our college community so special.”



Dan Wynne Willson, Deputy Principal, added,

“I am very proud of the results the students have achieved and am glad the hours, days and months of hard work leading up to the exams have paid off. The GCSEs this year were harder than ever before and yet still we had a jump in the number of  students achieving:


  • New grade 9-8 (A*) up from 7% to 11%

  • New grade 9-7 (A*- A) up from 22% to 26%

  • 2 or more Sciences at grade A*-C up from 68% to 77%  


A special mention has to be made to the 87 grade 9s achieved by students in a range of subjects, these are extremely difficult to achieve and are only given out to the very highest performing students nationally.

Due to excellent results in a range of other GCSE subjects the school has also achieved its highest Attainment 8 score, meaning that students on the whole have achieved better grades than ever before.

The hard work by our students, superb effort by all of our staff in supporting the students and continued close working relationship with our parents has, I am delighted to say, ensured our year 11s are set up brilliantly for the next step in their education.”




GCSE Students 1


GCSE Students 2




Best ever A Level results at Uckfield College!

Students have achieved the best ever set of A-level results at Uckfield College in 2018.

Principal, Hugh Hennebry, said,

“The new, reformed A-levels are harder than ever, so for the college to achieve the best ever results in the history of the school is a remarkable achievement. Well done to the students for all their efforts, there are so many examples of students who transformed their study habits and learning techniques as they went through the Sixth Form with great success. I want to thank our inspirational teachers who not only taught them so brilliantly but also gave up so much time for free to give students extra tuition every week. I also want to thank our parents for all their support and encouragement. It is the close working between teachers, pastoral leaders, Sixth Form mentors, parents and students that has resulted in such a positive outcome.”

Deputy Principal, Sara Marshallsay, added,

“These fantastic results reflect both the students' own hard work and dedication, and also the high quality, specialist teaching and support that has been provided by the College. The recently updated A-level exams are certainly tough and we are absolutely delighted for our students that they have achieved these wonderful results, which will give them the very best foundation for the next exciting stage of their lives.”

Chair of Governors, Andy Crabb, said,

“This is truly outstanding. What I witnessed this morning as our students were collecting their exam results was their pride in what they achieved and the pride our staff had in teaching and supporting them whilst they have been with us at Uckfield. Well done to everyone, I am so proud of you all.”



Nearly a third (31%) of the grades achieved were A*-A 63% were A*-B 85.5% were A*-C

Over the last few years, the percentage of A*-B grades has risen from 50% (2016) to 58% (2017) and now 63%.

Similarly, the percentage of A*-C grades has risen from 77% (2016) to 80% (2017) and now 85.5%

The percentage of students achieving AAB in facilitating subjects (a list of subjects most commonly required or preferred by universities to get on to a range of degree courses) has risen from 11.5% last year to 18.2% this year.

The Average Points per A-level Entry (best three A-levels) has risen from 31.85 (2016) to 32.5 (2017) and this year = 33.2


Top Achievers

 Darius Abadi  A* A* A* A  Logan Blinco  A* A* A  A
 Benjamin Ricketts  A* A* A  B  Oliver Southall  A* A* A  B
 Roseanna Dadswell  A* A* A  Hollie Irwin  A* A* A
 Emily Jupp  A* A* A  Megan Roser  A* A* A
 Alicia Shelford  A* A* A  Ethan Wickens  A* A* A
 Abigail Hollingsworth  A* A* B  Harry Fishlock  A* A A A
 Charlotte Ashby  A* A A  Harry Limberger  A* A A
 Livvy Logan  A* A A  Jacob Oyarzabal  A* A A
 Rusa Patrick  A* A A  Bethany Rowland  A* A A
 Sophie Nye  A* A B C  Sam Flower  A* A B
 Charlotte Sturt  A* A B  Michael Taylor  A* A B
 Jasper Baker  A* A C C  Jacob Bartlett  A* B B
 Charlotte Davis  A* B B  Fraser Munn  A* B B
 Casey Coats  A* B C  Joshua Fake  A* C C
 Alex Azzopardi  A A A B  Guy Bowley  A A A
 Beth Burchett  A A A  Aoife McAteer  A A A
 Hannah Peasgood  A A A  Emily Burden  A A B
 Rachel Kemp  A A B  Perry Petracopoulos  A A B
 William Lock  A A A  Daniel Manvell  A A B
 Jessica Mills  A A B  Sofi Waghorne  A A B



These significant increases reflect a substantial and sustained improvement in our Sixth Form.

Dan Manvell, Callum Jones, Emily Jupp, Alicia Shelford, Aoife McAteer, Jacob Oyarzabal, Fraser Munn, Oliver Southall, Tom Croft and Beth Rowland celebrate.


Beth Martin and Katy McCarthy leap for joy. They are both going to study Dance at Chichester University.


Benedict Smith (B B C - going to Loughborough University to study Construction) thanks Mrs Muller and Dr Curtis.


Alicia Shelford (A* A* A - going to Exeter University to study Management & Marketing), Ben Ricketts (A* A* A B - going to Southampton University to study AstroPhysics) and Oliver Southall (A* A* A B - going to Warwick University to study Maths).


Uckfield Town Councillor, Dan Manvill (A A B - going to Warwick University to study English Law and German Law) and Head Girl, Livvy Logan (A* A A - going to Nottingham University to study Veterinary Medicine).


Hollie Irwin (A* A* A - going to Bath University to study Psychology)


Logan Blinco (A* A* A A - going to York University to study Computing and Maths) and Headboy, Josh Fake (A* C C - going to Buckingham University to study Air Transport with Commercial Pilot training).


Emily Jupp (A* A* A - going to Bath University to study Maths), Charlotte Davis (A* B B - going to Cardiff University to study Psychology), Aoife McAteer (A A A - going to Newcastle University to study Medicine), Holly Gordon (B B C - going to Eastbourne to study Art Foundation), Alicia Shelford (A* A A - going to Exeter University to study Management & Marketing) and Megan Parsons (A B B - going to Nottingham Trent University to study Fashion.


Fraser Munn (A* B B - going to Southampton University to study Geography) and Callum Jones (A B C - going to Aberystwyth University to study Zoology).


Charlotte Ashby (A* A A - going to Bath University to study Sociology), Roseanna Dadswell (A* A* A - Gap year) and Rusa Patrick (A* A A - gap year).


Ethan Wickens (A* A* A - going to Southampton University to study Science).


Rachel Kemp ( A A B - going to St George’s University of London to study Paramedic Science) and Jonathan Cornish (B B C - going to Nottingham Trent University to study Photography).


Darius Abadi (A* A* A* A - going to Bath University to study Physics), Beth Rowland (A* A A - going to Bristol University to study German) and Guy Bowley (A A A - going to Loughborough University to study Natural Sciences.


Joe Burton (A B B - going to Lancaster University to study Marketing).


Sofi Waghorne (A A B) Emily Burden (A A B - going to Exeter University to study Geography) and Charlotte Sturt (A* A B - going to Loughborough University to study English and Sports Science).


Harry Limberger (A* A A - IBM’s Future’s Scheme after a gap year), Megan Roser (A* A* A - going to East Anglia University to study English Literature & Creative Writing) and Hannah Peasgood (A A A - going to Manchester University to do American Studies).


Jacob Oyarzabal (A* A A - going to York University to study Natural Sciences), Aoife McAteer (A A A - going to Newcastle University to study Medicine) and Emily Jupp (A* A* A - going to Bath University to study Maths).