Celebrating Achievements

Uckfield College Celebration and Rewards Programme 2021/2022:

Uckfield Postcards

These are sent home to students during the school year by Senior Members of staff and the Pastoral Team to recognise excellence against the Uckfield Qualities. 

Celebration assemblies

These take place every half term and are led by the Director of Year. They celebrate excellent attendance, academic progress and improvement, achievement points and those students who have displayed our Uckfield Qualities.

Academic Progress

Students are recognised after data drops (which take place three times a year) in the following categories:

  • Engagement for learning
  • Most improved engagement
  • Most improved progress

Students are presented with a certificate in their year group assemblies.

Achievement Points

These are given to recognise academic excellence in class, excellent homework or acts of citizenship. Dispensing on how many a student receives they can achieve the bronze, silver or gold award which are presented in year group assemblies


The 100 Club - Students with 100% attendance are rewarded every term with a raffle ticket. The winners receive a book token.

Uckfield Qualities

Every term students who have displayed the Uckfield Quality for that term are celebrated by being recognised by their Curriculum Leaders. Certificates are then posted home to each student.

Uckfield College Screens

Every week a different department displays a student’s work from each key stage as models of best practice.

Celebration Evenings

These take place every summer term with parents invited and are a wonderful opportunity to recognise and praise the accomplishments of our students. At this event students receive awards for:

  • Attendance.
  • Academic progress
  • Achievement points
  • Leadership Award
  • Hazel Poole Award
  • Principal’s Gold Star Award