Student Voice

Every student at Uckfield College has the opportunity to be involved in student voice. We believe that everyone must, in line with modern British values, be encouraged to actively participate in the development of the school.

We have a College Council which meets weekly with the Principal, Hugh Hennebry, to discuss issues and ideas raised by all year groups. The items discussed at these meetings will have been generated from our students. 

Each Form Mentor group will then have two elected Form Representatives who will take any ideas or questions forward to a year group meeting. Form rep meetings are held fortnightly, chaired by the Director of Year. Ideas generated by the tutor group meetings are discussed here. Year specific action points are agreed and acted upon. Students elect two representatives from the year group to take their wider views forward to the College Council which is led by the Senior Student Leadership Team and the Principal. 

Students can also be elected to be a member of one of our Prefect Groups, led by a sixth form Student Leader e.g. Deputy Head Student. These groups have specific foci and together they discuss, plan and implement strategies to tackle a specific issue. The Prefect Groups include the following:

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Environment 
  • Sport
  • Diversity and Equality
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health


College Council 2021/2022




Head Students

Evan lesterHello everyone, my name is Evan and I am one of the head students here at Uckfield College. I am currently studying Economics, History and Politics. My aim is to pursue Politics next year at university as I am fascinated with the way in which the general population are frequently and significantly affected by the decisions of those in power. The college environment massively encouraged my love for the subject and has spurred me to pursue the subject beyond Sixth Form. I have been at the school since 2015 so over 6 years now. This means that I have grown familiar with the excitement of day to day life at the college. 

A combination of my love for Politics and the familiarity that I have acquired with the fantastic school environment drove me to apply for a student leadership position. Student leadership has allowed me to develop invaluable skills in organization, communication, leadership and efficiency; while also giving me the opportunity to form meaningful friendships as well as participate in events that I otherwise may not have even known about. Leadership positions are a way of making a difference within the school community as well as an opportunity to expand on your individual skill set and for those reasons I cannot recommend it highly enough! So I would encourage all of you to take up student leadership roles when the opportunity arises!  


Cherry aldridgeI joined Uckfield College in 2015 and went onto study Spanish , History and Photography at GCSE’s.  Throughout the course of my GCSE’s , I found that I had a passion for science which led me to choose Biology , Chemistry and Business as my A- Levels while also taking an EPQ during Year 12 in which I studied the causes and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 Throughout Y12,  I only felt my interest in the sciences grew and this has led me to apply for Biomedical Sciences at Manchester, Edinburgh and Nottingham where I will go into research Medicine and later on into the Medical field as a healthcare professional. I applied for the Head Student role in order to gain more experience in leadership and to become an active member of the college community. 

 In this new role , I have had the opportunity to work with the talented Student Leadership Team in supporting them with their goals for the college while also working alongside the lower school to encourage them to become more involved in college council and join our team in projects focusing on Environment, Charity, Equality and Diversity and much more.  


Deputy Head Students


Alex Pengelly


Matthew Duc