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Our Aims

Our Aims


is for everyone in our community to lead truly, deeply, happy, fulfilled and purpose-driven lives. Our curriculum is how we achieve this.


is that every student is an Uckfield ACE.

What type of student are we developing? Uckfield ACEs:

A. Academic Achievement:

  • Critical, creative, hard thinkers and learners
  • Confident and knowledgeable speakers with large vocabularies (over 50,000 words) by the time they leave year 11

C. Citizens of our world with good Character:

  • Social activists: engaged, responsible, knowledgeable, tolerant, outward-looking
  • Ready, willing and able to make a wholly positive contribution to improving society

E. Enterprise and confidence:

  • Personally developed and personally knowledgeable - physically, mentally, socially and emotionally
  • Able to think for themselves, be innovative, aspirational and to use their knowledge confidently

The curriculum is how we achieve our vision and aims. We believe that curriculum thinking has to be underpinned by being bold and ambitious, that we are a challenge-seeking species; that all children enjoy difficult work as long as they have appropriate scaffolding and support. Knowledge is power and freedom; knowledge is authoritative; knowledge enables creativity; knowledge is inspiring. Acquiring new knowledge that sticks necessarily means focusing on precise curriculum design within subjects and whole-College drives on reading, speaking and thinking hard. This is achieved through a relentless focus on the quality of teaching and learning and professional development. A wide-ranging, ambitious and tailored personal development curriculum is also prioritised, so that every student leaves the College ready, willing and able to make a positive contribution to society and with aspirational plans in place for future education and employment.

For more information about our Curriculum, please follow this link to Our Education


Our College motto is ‘Love Learning for Life’ and our aim is to inspire students in every lesson to feel that love of and joy of learning. At Uckfield College we are utterly dedicated to providing an excellent education and the very best start in life for each of our students. We constantly strive to inspire and support every child to learn and develop as mature, wise, fully rounded individuals. Our unswerving commitment is to bring out the best in your child. Our aim is for your child to grow up as an individual who not only has a deep understanding of the world but also has the emotional intelligence and strong moral values that enable him or her to be a happy and positive member of our global society. Our vision is an inspiring college where every individual is supported and challenged to achieve personal excellence. Our ethos of high expectations and putting students at the heart of everything we do enables our students to fulfil their potential. Our students are ready, willing and able to make a wholly positive contribution to improving society. This makes our students feel that sense of personal fulfilment that leads to true, deep and lasting happiness.